About this project

I created the brand “Schmackes” for eco-friendly convenience food. Instead of wrapped in plastic, these delicious meals are served in reusable jars. Freshly prepped, as if you cooked it last night and took it to work today. But nobody has time for that! So that’s why Schmackes is available to buy in supermarkets and corner shops. This was my final project for my design degree in Germany.

The Packaging

Single-use plastic containers for ready meals are a huge problem for the environment and most plastic is not recycled. Sustainability needs to be made as convenient as possible, so that more people can integrate it in their busy lives.

  • Reusable glass jars (can be returned where you bought them)
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Weekly changing menu with 4 categories: soup, rice, pasta, salad

The naming combines 2 values:

  • “Schmackhaft” in German means delicious
  • “mit Schmackes” means to do something with elan and enthusiasm (exactly what the brand stands for when it comes to environmental sustainability, and which is visualised by the fist in the logo)

Point Of Sale

Schmackes Newspaper